Introducing the story format
to your audiences

Explore the models that will create powerful user habits and result in predictable engagement that advertisers are keen to tap into.

The Daily Brief

Create a morning report for your audiences to start their day with or an evening rundown that sums up the top events of the day.

Sponsorship Ideas:

Build daily sponsorship slots with one single advertiser that gets the middle and ending slide.

The Week in Review

Walk user through the essential events that broke during the week or rewind through the stories that have gotten the most attention.

Sponsorship Ideas:

Create a sponsorship product that introduces or wraps-up the series with an impactful, interactive story, matching the look and feel of the adjoining scenes.

The Event Coverage

Keep your audience informed with well timed reporting from on-going events from sports to politics and entertainment to stock markets.

Sponsorship Ideas:

Overlay an exclusive sponsored sticker on one or multiple scenes across your story.

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