A game-changing platform
engineered for your best content

The Studio helps you create engaging, instant loading mobile experiences
that delight audiences and redefine the new mobile web.

A new breed of stories
are making it to your

Recommend content in the Story format with a dedicated in-feed widget that triggers a full screen experience once tapped.

An immersive

The Studio redefines your narrative capabilities with a sequential storytelling format created specifically for the mobile web.

A natively intuitive

Stories are using design systems that readers understand and start tapping-through intuitively.

A stunning look
across all devices

With an HTML5 code base, stories are natively responsive and can engage users across all screen sizes - on desktop or mobile devices.

Build interactive
elements such as
quizzes or polls

The Studio allows you to create interactive elements such as quizzes or polls that encourage audiences to react, respond or appreciate specific topics.

Build and reuse key

The Studio allows you to code or customise your own reusable symbols or scenes that your team will use consistently for all future projects.

Over 2,000 stickers
and animations

The studio comes with over 2,000 customisable vector stickers that you can attach to your scene timelines.

Help readers discover
more of your content

Make data-drive recommendations and guide user through a noise-free experience - whether you’re building a daily or weekly news roundup using the story format.

Understand the performance of each story

The Studio dashboards surface all essential data around the performance of your content and the inventory the run on. Read more about our content delivery engine and algorithms here.

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